The Yuletato is the traditional meal of Sikkarmass. It is a baked potato with toppings that has been blessed by a Templar.

Zandar had this this to say about the yuletato

The Yuletato is the traditional starchy root tuber holiday feast for
Sikkarmas. The humble potato is cooked and bless by Templars and topped
with a variety of festive holiday toppings, like bacon, cheese, fish bits,
gravel, bacon, bacon, chives, and bacon. It is then shared and enjoyed
with friends. It's a reminder of how even the simplest fare can be a
source of holiday joy and happiness, as well as vitamins and carbs for
fighting evil.

Also, Cherubs love to eat them. And really, what could be better than
turning a simple potato into a joyous holiday meal that Kreen can't digest
because they are horrible bug things that need to die?

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