Young Kanku (Kanku Tree)

a young kanku

Their description consists of a general part and some sentences depending on gender and guild.

General part:

This small kanku is about four feet tall, and it chatters endlessly.

Gender (male):

Judgingby the noises it makes, you guess that it is male. He looks up at you in
bewilderment, as he has probably never ventured far from the tree to see
different species.

Gender (female):

You can tell it's female due to the colorations on her feathers. She gazes at you
innocently and sweetly, and she manages to force a smile - kanku uphold the
idea of 'respect' strongly.


He moves his eyes up and down your body while grinning mischievously. His face seems to be a little bloody.


She paces about the tree, watching the other kanku with a keen eye as if keeping an eye out for trouble.


She examines you carefully while quickly darting about you. As she runs behind you, you catch her hands in your backpack!


He is rapidly swinging his fists at an imaginary target, pretending to battle.


He is constantly jingling some small, dirty coins in his hand, and he seems very well-fed and merry.


He quickly turns away from you and he looks closely at a number of tiny sparks eminating from his fingertips.


You also notice that she is carefully caressing a tiny flower and whispering to it softly.


He seems to be in very deep thought as he turns his head towards the ground.


She seems to be inspecting the surrounding plant life, taking samples, and stuffing them into her pack.

Young Kanku appears in Kanku Tree, on Sosel.

Young Kanku is humanoid. He/She is a Kanku.
Alignment: Most are good-aligned, the cultists assumed evil.
Creature level: 4
Experience worth: 162?
Creature size: <x>

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