Homeworld: None
Description: Jet black automatons, Xodar are a silent race of emotionless
beings that strike terror in the hearts of all living things. Believed to
be creations of Ares, the war god, they act on quests known only to them.
What is known about these walking suits of armor is that what lies within
the armor is only a heavy blackness. More than one opponent has
underestimated a Xodar's appearance as being an empty suit of armor only to
suffer the wrath of the awesome force contained within.
Black leads the Xodar race.

Stat Potential
Str: unsurpassable
Agi: bad
Dex: bad
Con: excellent
Int: bad
Wis: bad
Per: bad
Cha: poor
Siz: 6'0'
Weight: 342 kg
Metarace: Construct

Maximum Age: immortal
Dietary Requirements: none
Number of limbs: two
Natural Armor: exceptional
Natural Weapons: very dangerous
Experience Rate: 90%
Skill Maximum: 80%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 30%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 20%
Heartbeat: average
Vision: light, dark, ultra light and ultra dark conditions

Slots: a brow, a head[bulk: minimal], two eyes, a neck[bulk: minimal], an
amulet, a brooch, a cloak, an upper torso[bulk: minimal], a lower
torso[bulk: minimal], two shoulders[bulk: minimal], two upper arms[bulk:
minimal], two lower arms[bulk: minimal], two wrists, two hands[bulk:
minimal], two fingers, a belt, two upper legs[bulk: minimal], two lower
legs[bulk: minimal] and two feet[bulk: minimal].
Advantages: can't fall unconscious, does not need food, does not need to
breathe, escape death, infravision, mindsight, poison immunity, steady luck
and very high stun resistance.
Disadvantages: cannot rest, cannot sleep and non-flesh being.
Miscellaneous: corpse does not rise, natural terrain: none and uses
short-ranged telepathy for speech.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Takes 10% less asphyxiation damage, 10%
less harm damage and 10% less psionic damage.
Immune to: physical diseases

Damage Regeneration: excellent
Mana Regeneration: poor
Endurance Regeneration: average
Emotes: xcrush, xemote, xplode, xquest, xstare and xstill.
Good Guild Matches: fighter, ranger and sentinel.
Average Guild Matches: monk.
Poor Guild Matches: abjurer, alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, druid,
fallen, hand, jomsviking, mage, merchant, necromancer, paladin, psionicist
and templar.

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