WEATHER: Wysoom was originally believed to be an ice planet, but that all changed once the planet warmed up. The polar ice caps having melted, the entire planet is underwater. Dry land is a legend that few Wysoomian natives have ever seen. Water spouts, lightning storms (for those on the surface), whirlpools and tsunamis are always a threat. The water itself is temperate.

CULTURE: Wysoom is a place of incredible wonders. Because of the nature of the environment in which most Wysoomians live in, perishables are unknown. Written script is rare, as most Wysoomians carve their knowledge in coral and shells. Bludgeoning weapons are unheard of due to its reduced mobility underwater, likewise with any armor of weight. Their architecture tends to be grandiose and sprawling. Wysoomians wear little clothing but make up for it in jewelry. Wysoomians who live on the surface are considered a good joke - Wysoom is merciless to those who would brave life upon the open sea. Wysoomians are best known for their humor. A good joke will keep them laughing for hours.

PEOPLE: Homarids, Kuroa, Illex, Tortles, Titans and Irrdu all make their home on Wysoom. Wysoom is a place of great beauty and art, and it is very relaxing beneath the sea. On the surface, it is a terrible and violent place.

CITIES: The main city is Sauronan, which is located on the southern landmass of Wysoom. Arranged in a circular fashion, it can be confusing at first glance. A large variety of shops and services are available there, as well as a few guilds.

TRANSPORT: Wysoom's interplanetary system is perhaps the most advanced and most controlled of all the worlds. Ships sail through portals and come out the watery side of the planet's destination, dropping off their passengers. Only certain portals go to certain places.

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