World Exits

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Collected data

Planet Shaft Statue Ship
Crypt val
Perdow 4 wsh
Raji 5 ana tro
Sosel 2 aba ne
Welstar 1 bar
Wysoom 3
Shrine N/A N/A
Random N/A N/A
Date 2023-11-17 2023-11-17 2023-10-29

Dates are in UTC (i. e. valid after boot at 10:30 UTC on that day).
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Detailed transport locations

Crypt (Shafts)

Shaft Location Numerical Code
ign N of Igneous 0
S Fal S of Fallen 1
N Fal N of Fallen 2
SE Bor SE of Borales 3
W Bor W of Borales 4
Shaft Location Numerical Code
dro S of Drow 5
V V shaped area shaft 6
N For N of Underground Forest 7
SW For SW of Underground Forest 8
E For E of Underground forest 9
Shaft Location Alpha Code
Necro South of Necro guild A
U NE upper section of NE Fissure B
D NNE North shaft on lower section of NE Fissure C
D SNE South shaft on lower section of NE Fissure D
SE First shaft through SE Fissure E
U Vulc Shaft near upper Vulcan entrance F
D Vulc Shaft near lower Vulcan Entrance G

Speedwalks to the shafts:

(0) North of Igneous City
n;4 ne;2 n

(1) South of Fallen Guild
sw;#11 w;#3 sw;#2 s;#3 se;#8 e;#5 se;sw;#4 s;#5 se;#2 sw

(2) North of Fallen Guild
sw;#11 w;#3 sw;#3 s;#3 se;#9 e;#4 se;#2 e;ne;n;ne

(3) South of Borales
sw;13 w;5 sw;2 w;sw ;2 se;s

(4) North of Borales
sw;13 w;5 sw;2 w;sw ;w;9 nw;w

5) South of Drow
sw;13 w;5 sw;w;sw;2 w;3 sw;w;d ;2 se

(6) Above the Death Knight's Guild
sw;13 w;5 sw;w;sw;2 w;3 sw;w;d ;sw;s;sw;w;sw;s;2 se;u ;se;2 e;3 ne

(7) North of Underground Forest
sw;13 w;5 sw;w;sw;2 w;3 sw;w;d ;sw;s;sw;w;sw;s;2 se;u ;2 se;u;2 s;3 se;3 e;5 ne;2 e;2 ne;2 nw

(8) West of Underground Forest
sw;13 w;5 sw;w;sw;2 w;3 sw;w;d ;sw;s;sw;w;sw;s;2 se;u ;2 se;u;2 s;5 se;2 s;2 sw;4 w

(9) East of Underground Forest
sw;13 w;5 sw;w;sw;2 w;3 sw;w;d ;sw;s;sw;w;sw;s;2 se;u ;2 se;u;2 s;3 se;7 e;ne;e;se;e;se;s

Wysoom (Ships)

Abbreviation Location Path from Sgate Sauronan
bar Barrier Island 9ne, 17e, d, 4e, 2n, d, n, 5ne
esh Eastern Shore 2se, 9e
lag Lagoon 38e
nep Northeast Point 9ne, 17e, d, 4e, 2n, d, n, 9ne
swa Swamp 38e, 5ne, 5e
toh Tohunga Island 7nw, 2d, 8nw, 3w
tro Tropical Island 3ne, 6n, 2d, 17n
val Valley of Dreams 9ne, 17e, d, 4e
wcl Western Cliffs nw, 8w, 4nw, 2d, 5w
wsh Western Shore nw, 8w

Welstar (Statues)

Destination Statue Statement
Crypt silver statue of temperance live moderately
Perdow garnet statue of love love others
Raji alabaster statue of hope maintain hope
Random marble statue of justice seek justice
Shrine lapis statue of faith be faithful
Sosel gold statue of prudence act prudently
Wysoom iron statue of fortitude be strong
Abbreviation Location Directions from Ngate Keystone
aba Abarack 4nw,3w,u,w,gate,4w,nw,adv
alt Altar/Forest sw,8w,path,forest,2sw,8s,altar
bio Biomancer 2sw,s,charthur,13s,3w,u
gyd Gydnia 2sw,s,charthur,14s,w
key Keystone gate,2s,w,s
pal Paladin gate,4s,4w,2s,w,n
tem Templar 4nw,3w,u,w,gate,6w,ne,church,w,2s,u,2n,nw,n,ne

Perdow (Gates)

Destination Designation Path from Quest Shrine in the SW Corner as Point of Origin (0,0)
Crypt Brown E 06e, 98n
Perdow Red C 43e, 04n
Raji White A 46e, 27n
Sosel Green F 13e, 23n
Welstar Blue O 05e, 44n
Wysoom Cyan W 49e, 76n
Castle Purple T 17e, 70n
Cave Red X 35e, 90n
Pocket Yellow Y 17e, 80n

Sosel (Pods)

Destination Designation Location Path from Wgate Edon Path from secluded grove, exit of Druid guild to jungle
Welstar c in a rocky chasm 2d, 20n, 5w 2u, 24nw, 2d
Perdow Q before a group of hills 2d, 8n, 12w 4nw, 20w, 7nw, n
Wysoom R by a small stream 2d, 2e, 6n 4nw, 7w, 6nw
Crypt 6 in a volcano 2d, 1s, 9e 3nw, 8w
Raji m high on a mountain 2d, 19e, 2se, 3s, 2u, 1s, 1u 2e, s, 2u, s, u

Raji (Rift)

World exits for Raji do not behave as do world exits for the other worlds (i.e. Crypt, Perdow, Sosel, Welstar, and Wysoom). Specifically, they do not remain at one fixed location for the duration of a boot (or in some cases longer, such as for Perdow and Sosel).

Instead, they each move about semi-continuously throughout the boot in a portion of the Raji greater outerworld known as the Rift located in the very center of the Raji greater outerworld. The Rift can be reached either by flying to it from any of the major planetary fragments of Raji (Nineveh, Suthnas, etc.) or by transporting to it directly from the "portal" exit of the "Ruined transporter Room" located in Nineveh City on the Nineveh world fragment.

Once you have entered the Rift, you will initially be located at the very center of it. The map command will show you three partially overlapping circular regions located to the northwest, east, and south of your initial location. Each region is actually a slice through the diameter of a corresponding sphere; as you travel up and down within the rift you will see the apparent width of each sphere slice narrow, and eventually the spheres will cease to overlap (so that you cannot travel from one sphere to another without first moving up or down as necessary). If you have colors enabled in your MUD client, the bulk of each sphere is denoted by a different major color; northwest is a red "o", east is a blue "x", and south is a green "+". The places where two or all three spheres overlap are also denoted by specific letters and colors.

The reason all this is important is that the exit from the Rift to any other given specific world (e.g. Crypt, Perdow, etc.) will move about within one of the three spheres comprising the Rift (including the areas where that sphere overlaps either or both of the other two spheres). The exit for a given world will not move from the space comprising one sphere to the space comprising either of the other two spheres; however, it will move every few minutes to a new location within that sphere.

Therefore, the most guidance that can be provided about the location of any given world exit from Raji is to note which sphere each exit can normally be found in. Accordingly:

World Sphere Map characters
Crypt Bright (east) Blue x, Yellow 0, Cyan &
Wysoom Bright (east) Blue x, Yellow 0, Cyan &
Perdow Dark (northwest) Red o, Yellow 0, Purple @
Welstar Dark (northwest) Red o, Yellow 0, Purple @
Sosel Grey (south) Green +, Purple @, Cyan &
Raji (Rift) Continuum (very center) White #
Raji (Nineveh) Anywhere
Raji (Suthnas) Anywhere
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