World Effects On Magic

Different magics have different bases. As such, some
worlds are biased towards specific types of magic.
The more obvious examples are here:

The prolific life on Sosel and Wysoom lend extra vigor
to healing magic. The lifelessness of Crypt and Raji
impede healing magic.
Healing from the Powers of:
Good: Impeded on Crypt, aided on Welstar
Evil: Impeded on Welstar, aided on Crypt
Neutral: Impeded on Welstar and Crypt, aided
on Sosel.

The simplicity of Crypt and Raji aid abjuration spells.
The prolific life of Sosel and Wysoom impede abjuration.

Combat Magic:

~World ~Enhances ~Impedes
Crypt Cold, Disint. Illu., Elec.
Perdow Harm, Unholy Acid, Holy
Raji Elec., Illu. Asphyx., Disint.
Sosel Fire, Poison Cold, Harm
Welstar Holy Poison, Unholy
Wysoom Acid, Asphyx. Fire

The world effect on the damage done seems to be ±5%.

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