RetroMUD is set up with a system of wishes that provide a variety of benefits to your character, some by means that can be duplicated without resorting to a wish, many that cannot. Most wishes require Primal Energy (PE) in order to be obtained, but a few can be gained by spending Roleplaying Points (RPP) or even gold.

Wishes are separated into three categories:

  • Full Wishes
    These wishes carry a base cost of 100 PE.
    Full wishes often carry effects that are powerful and cannot be duplicated by any other means.
  • Small Wishes
    These wishes carry a base cost of 50 PE.
    Small wishes have only minor effects and generally duplicate benefits obtained either by skills, equipment, or race selection.
  • Special Wishes
    These wishes supply a one-time benefit and are paid for with either PE, RPP, or gold as appropriate.
    Many special wishes cannot be obtained except by collaboration with an archwizard or administrator.
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