Wisdom (abbr. Wis)— This statistic determines the amount of wit, street-wise, knowledge, and will power a character has accumulated. It does not reflect the player's wisdom of course. Wisdom is often associated with the gods, and many spells involving religious worship depend on it. It affects spell points.
HIGH WIS = Well read, has had many life experiences.
Example: Gandhi.
LOW WIS = Foolish, foolhardy, takes unnecessary risks.
Example: A jester.
NEGATIVE WIS EFFECT: Beings with negative Wisdom do not have the Wisdom to flee any battle (HELP WIMPY). Negative Wisdom can also cause the character's mind to snap like a twig when encountering beings with negative Charisma (HELP HORROR).

Wisdom Races
Unsurpassable Kuroa, Tortle, Treant
Excellent Argus, Titan, Unicorn, Yaag-nesh
High Arakun, Boelir, Gorgon, Papua, Tywimn
Good Anakim, Behemoth, Homarid, Illex, Irrdu, Jinn, Shadow, Suula, Vulpin
Average Centaur, Devil, Drensieqi, Dwarf, Elf, Hephestian, Kanku, Myconoid, Selkie
Moderate Arcanus, Atomy, Changeling, Dhampir, Dragon, Gargoyle, Human, Kizanki, Kreen, Mummy, Slaad, Uruk, Vampire, Vipyr
Low Bloodworm, Flynd, Goblin, Muridan, Pudding, Thuul
Bad Dragonian, Gnome, Gremlin, Werewolf, Xodar
Poor Catfolk, Leprechaun, Troll
Horrible Ettin, Giant, Minotaur, Satyr
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