Wedding Of The Damned

You have approached the gateway into a realm of nightmares. What was once a
peaceful cemetery has been transformed into a hellish plane of untold horrors.
The trees have withered into blackened husks with branches that claw at a
blood-red sky, and twisted roots that cling to the broken landscape like the
death grip of a murdered innocent. The air is filled with a thick, misty
darkness, and the awful keening of something otherworldly. A path slopes down
the small rise, that the cemetery is built on, to an open field of wild wheat
and flowers.

zone effects in the rooms here, ranging from stuns to 125ish damage and a hold, and poisoning?(unconfirmed), grasping hands from which flying protects you or a vortex that brings you back to the entrance.

A cloud of noxious vapors envelops you!

A sudden gust of wind kicks up some debris which strikes you in the head, stunning you with the

A violent wind rushes through the area, surrounding you in a mass of twigs and leaves which
momentarily holds you in place and causes great pains!

A skeletal hand reaches up from the ground and tries to grasp onto you, but you fly away.

You are swept away by a swirling vortex that suddenly surrounds you!

Initially entering the zone causes you to lose HP, SP and EP, (amounts uncertain), and gain an orb used in the boss fight.

Partial Map

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