The cavern wall
The wall of the cavern has been carved from the rock composing this world
by forces natural or otherwise. It is a bit uneven, but much too smooth to
climb. The open space of the cavern extends from here. There is a small
alcove hidden in the face of the cavern wall.

Waterworks Entrance
The entrance to the waterworks is set into an unassuming wall of rock with
a single pitiful door in it. There's no indication at all as to what's
behind here, nor its importance to Gnomevale.

The Waterworks is a lowbie area on crypt. Its level lock is 30. It contains the water supply for gnomevale and the magma demons that wreck havock in it. It was coded by Absalom.
Directions from ngate igneous: sw, 6w, 2nw



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