The people of Utopia are no longer as happy and carefree as they once were. It appears someone or something has been abducting their children in the dead of night. The mayor has been trying to discover what happened to them.

You are near what looks to be a settlement of humans. There is what looks like to be an attempt at a mushroom farm here, and there are wagon tracks which look as if they lead towards a shaft to the northeast.

Utopia is a newbie area on crypt. Its level lock is 20, although part of it is (nonstandard) maxlocked at 15. It contains peaceful humans trying to make a living in the harsh conditions on crypt. It was coded by Xgen. The levellock was added Dec 27, 2005.
Directions from ngate igneous: n, 3ne, settlement, nw, 2n.

Utopia Map

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