Homeworld: Welstar
Description: Unicorns are the sylvan warriors of good, capble of bringing
their formidable horns to bear against evil. Immortal and ethereal, they
are the ultimate embodiment of the coarse natural being and the spiritual
one. As they grow in power, a Unicorn's horn becomes an even more
dangerous weapon, inflicting a holy wrath upon foes who would dare to cross
such a magnificent beast. And yet, the Unicorn also has a soft spot for
the innocent and children, defending them to the death.
Sheenya leads the Unicorn race.

Stat Potential
Str: low
Agi: unsurpassable
Dex: horrible
Con: moderate
Int: moderate
Wis: excellent
Per: high
Cha: excellent
Siz: 6'0'
Weight: 178 kg
Metarace: Sylvan

Maximum Age: immortal
Dietary Requirements: none
Number of limbs: zero
Natural Armor: weak
Natural Weapons: very good
Experience Rate: 94%
Skill Maximum: 95%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 20%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 100%
Heartbeat: average
Vision: light and ultra light conditions

Slots: a brow, two eyes, a neck, an amulet, a brooch, a cloak, two belts,
four upper legs[bulk: quite] and a tail[bulk: quite].
Advantages: does not need food, enhanced hearing, escape death, gets left
hoof attack, gets right hoof attack, gets unicorn horn attack, is horned,
lucky, mindsight, poison immunity and see invisible.
Disadvantages: animal, cannot ride mounts, cannot sleep and half exp if
Miscellaneous: natural terrain: deciduous and nonhumanoid.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Takes 50% more harm damage, 15% less holy
damage, 25% less poison damage and 50% more unholy damage.
Immune to: physical diseases

Damage Regeneration: poor
Mana Regeneration: excellent
Endurance Regeneration: average
Emotes: udefend, ufeint, uhorn and
Commands: gshift.
Good Guild Matches: abjurer and druid.
Average Guild Matches: templar.
Poor Guild Matches: alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, fallen, fighter,
hand, hand, jomsviking, mage, merchant, monk, necromancer, paladin,
paladin, psionicist, ranger, sentinel and sentinel.

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