Homeworld: Perdow
Description: Thuuls are artificial warriors created by the Kizanki and infused with Chaos magic. They were to be the vanguard force in the war against Welstar. Made for the sole purpose of battle, Thuuls are walking war machines. Their bodies are covered in an armor-like hide, and they sprout spikes and jagged barbs and serrations on their heads. They possess nasty claws and vicious fangs. They draw their great battle power from the dark forces of the realms, and possess amazing regenerative abilities, although for them to master any magic is an impossible feat. Thuuls for a long time were a slave race, servants of their dark masters. They were controlled by their dependence upon darkness despite their inability to see in it, leaving them dependent upon their masters for survival.

Stat Potential
Str: high (8/10)
Agi: high (8/10)
Dex: low (4/10)
Con: unsurpassable (10/10)
Int: low (4/10)
Wis: low (4/10)
Per: moderate (5/10)
Cha: horrible (1/10)
Siz: 6'8"
Weight: 82 kg
Metarace: Construct

Maximum Age: 50 years
Dietary Requirements: pantophage
Number of limbs: two
Natural Armor: exceptional (9/9)
Natural Weapons: devastating (11/11)
Experience Rate: 106%
Skill Maximum: 100%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 20%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 20%
Heartbeat: very rapid
Vision: dark conditions
Armed_combat Skill Bonus: 5%

Slots: two eyes, a neck, an amulet, a brooch, a cloak, an upper torso, a lower torso, two shoulders, two upper arms, two lower arms, two wrists, two hands, two fingers, a belt, two upper legs, two lower legs and two feet. (27)
Advantages: can't fall unconscious, escape death, is horned and poison immunity.
Disadvantages: cannot rest, cannot sleep, non-flesh being and regen only in dark.
Miscellaneous: corpse does not rise and natural terrain: wasteland.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: Takes 80% more psionic damage and 40% more unholy damage.
Immune to: physical diseases
Disease Susceptibility: 100% to magical diseases
Damage Regeneration: excellent (5/5)
Mana Regeneration: poor (1/5)
Endurance Regeneration: excellent (5/5)
Emotes: tarmor, tfury, tgrim and topp.
Commands: sacrifice and srake.
Good Guild Matches: fighter, ranger and sentinel.
Average Guild Matches: hand.
Poor Guild Matches: abjurer, alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, druid, fallen, jomsviking, mage, merchant, monk, necromancer, paladin, psionicist and templar.

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