The Mysterious Iceberg

Difficulty: Moderate
Creator: Karoth
World: Wysoom

Description: A letter is posted here, written on fine parchment, and marked
with the seal of the Harbormaster of Sauronan. It reads: Adventurers
needed! Strange and dire things have begun to occur on the high seas south
of the city of Sauronan. In the last two weeks, five different merchant
ships have disappeared without a trace. Another one just went down, but
this time one brave man managed to swim to shore. The story he tells is
strange indeed, only a few hours out of Sauronan Harbor, they spotted an
iceberg in their path. It was somewhat unusual to see an iceberg this far
north, but they thought little of it, simply correcting their course to
avoid it. The iceberg, however, SWERVED OUT OF ITS PATH. Yes, it sounds
incredible, but I know the man personally, and he is not a madman. The
iceberg maneuvered itself such that it was absolutely impossible for them
to avoid a collision. The boat went down very quickly, and all but this one
man died. Stranger still, he says that he looked back over his shoulder
just once as he swam for shore, and saw a small humanoid figure silhouetted
against the setting sun, watching him swim away. He could not make out any
details about it, but he says that even from that distance, he could feel
an evil aura surrounding it. Unfortunately, we can offer little beyond our
gratitude, I must simply appeal to your sense of adventure and your good
will to come to our aid. Please help us, merchants are already afraid to
sail now, and economic ruin is lingering on our doorstep.
Signed, Jarin Whitebrow, Harbormaster of Sauronan

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