Skill Characteristics

Action Duration: 10
Endurance cost: 60
Affecting stats: dex
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: religious
Skill Level: 20
Skill Type: Non combat
Skill Targetting: special
Components: knife (reusable)

Skill Description

This skill allows the druid to inscribe a tattoo upon a target on his: head, neck, right/left hand, right/left upper/lower arm, right/left upper/lower leg, right/left shoulder, upper/lower torso, left/right foot, tail. That tattoo can either be for decoration just on skin, or can be magical, taking up an armor slot and acting as a component. Tattooing must be accepted first [help accept]. That tattoo cannot be removed by any means other than reincarnation, and it of course won't be destroyed by normal spell use that requires the tattoo as a material component. Tattoos are simply for appearance - a tattoo of a cauldron cannot be filled with water and thus spells which require cauldrons full of water won't work. You need to have the component on you, and it gets destroyed in the process of making the magical tattoo. A tattoo can only go on a valid slot for your race, though you can tattoo slots restricted by guilds. Usage: use tattooing at [target] on [armor slot or 'skin'] of [component or 'descriptive string [for skin]']. This skill receives bonuses from three other skills: Puhoro, a primitive tattoo style. Whakairo, a more advanced tattoo style. Takitaki, a bonus if the tattoo recipient is female.


You can use colors in the non-component tattoos, but don't forget to end it with a %^normal%^ tag, or it will bleed.

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