Tass is a Dwarf assassin. The character was my original and started in 1996.

Started Retro 1996 ..
I go and come back as life dictates.
Currently (1/07/2019) working on getting exp, cash and assassin ranks
alts: Pleasure, Hesiod

Last Updated 10/06/18

For Sale

Box 1(4/4)
cloak of shadows
steel collar
scale tail
cloak of rage

Box 2(4/4)
A suit of golden chainmail
golden sandals
Mud covered pants
Black Leather Pants

Box 3(4/4)
death mask
engraved dastana
Gloves of Anonymity
a worn staff

Chest 4(6/6)
black bandana
liquid crystal brassiere
a pair of aquamarine bangles
an iron bracer
black wool pants
*Threaded* a parchment bandage

Chest 5(6/6)
bracers of gold
*Threaded*black tuxedo jacket
*Threaded*a large red gem
*Threaded*simple slippers
*Threaded*Poulatok's brooch
*Threaded*a pile of 29 psionic fortune telling cards

Box 6(6/6)
Warm Gloves
Runed Armbands
Hide Boots
Fur Lined Cloak
*Threaded*surgeon gloves
*Threaded*an ancient Sikkarian relic

Rack 1(7/7)
Jeweled Dagger
*Threaded* other stuff

Want to Buy/Party for

Huja gear including weapons and stuff I don't already have
WC 75+ daggers I don't already own: Agrom, demongiest, dirk of venom, icon, silttan

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