Tass is a Dwarf assassin. The character was my original and started in 1996.

Started Retro 1996 ..
I go and come back as life dictates.
Currently (1/07/2019) working on getting exp, cash and assassin ranks
alts: Pleasure, Hesiod

Last Updated 10/06/18

For Sale

steel collar
scale tail
(Threaded) an ancient Sikkarian relic
(Threaded) surgeon gloves

(Threaded) black tuxedo jacket
(Threaded) a large red gem
(Threaded) simple slippers
(Threaded) Poulatok's brooch

death mask
engraved dastana
Gloves of Anonymity
a worn staff

Flowing Cloak
a pair of high heels
black bandanablack wool pants
a pair of aquamarine bangles

(Threaded) a parchment bandage
(Threaded) a pair of stiff leggings
(Threaded) the star of the fallen
(Threaded) a gold necklace set with aquamarines
band of veins
liquid crystal brassiere

glass ring
Fur Lined Cloak
Hide Boots
Warm Gloves
Mithril breastplate
Mud covered pants

Cloak of rage
Cloak of Shadows
A suit of golden
golden sandals

a colorful scarf
Jeweled Dagger
Powder Blue
The Book of Malbowges

Want to Buy/Party for

Huja gear including weapons and stuff I don't already have
WC 75+ daggers I don't already own: Agrom, demongiest, dirk of venom, icon, silttan

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