Sword Of Faith


Casting time: 10 rounds
Spell cost: 150
Spell level: 3
Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: any
Range: room
Components: VS
HnP cost: 1
Alignment: Cannot be Evil.


This spell will summon a sword of faith for the Sikkarite to wield. It is a good aligned weapon that can only be wielded by those of pure faith, and its light level is stronger based upon the percentage of the spell. The weapon class is based on spell percentage too, along with level in Templar and Paladin guilds. A true follower of Sikkar excelling in both guilds has a handy strong weapon to smite evil. It does Holy damage based on spell percent. It is automatically sized to fit in one-hand or two, at your option upon casting. Honor point cost is modified by the number of levels of paladin the caster has attained. Usage: invoke sword of faith [at 2h] Or: invoke sword of faith at dispel This will remove the sword from your inventory.


A useful newbie weapon for Templars; more powerful than the newbie mace. The spell should be studied concurrently with the broad blade skill. Only the special targets 2h and dispel work; other targets will produce an error message. The sword cannot be given or dropped. The maximum WC for a SoF is 40. However, if you Dprime Paladin, the WC rises further to the maximum of 80 for a level 20 Paladin on top of being a level 20 Templar.

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