Sweat Blood

Spell Characteristics

Type: Attack spell
Damage Types: Fire 50%, Acid 50%
Maximum Damage: 250
Additional Effects: Yes
Casting time: 2
Spell cost: 50
HP cost: 50
Affecting stats:
Resisting stats:
Spell Category: harm
Spell Level: 5
Offensive: Yes
Spell Targetting: livingtarget
Location: Anywhere
Range: room
Components: S
Material Components:

Spell Description

This spell has a wickedly twisted effect typical of Dakini priests. It forcibly causes the victim to sweat blood, draining the victim's system of poisons and alcohol, giving him a horrifying appearance. The process is also extremely painful, which is why most Dakini prefer to cast it on their enemies and watch friends and allies recoil from them in horror.


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