Casting time: 4 rounds
Spell cost: 130
Spell level: 18
Spell category: abjuration
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: livingtarget
Range: room
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Good.


This spell infuses a good aligned target with the divine will of Sikkar, giving him resistance to stun. The more good aligned the caster, the longer the duration of the spell.


Templar version of iron will. Only works on Neutral Good to Good aligned players.

While the expression $2\times\mathit{wis}+200$ gives the duration in seconds of the iron will spell, it does not apply to subtility. Rather, the maximum duration is 300 seconds (five minutes) and decreases with the alignment of the target. The duration does not depend on the Templar’s training, although the chance of successful invocation of course does.

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