Strengthen Armor
Action duration: 5 Endurance cost: 20
Affecting stats: dex
Resisting stats:
Skill Category: mercantile Skill Level: 4
Skill Type: Non combat Skill targetting: object
Offensive: No Location:
Components: armor oil (1 charge)
This is used to strengthen the protection value of armor.
The amount strengthened depends on the number of slots and your percentage in it.
Note: this does not work on bulk 1 or 0 items.
The strengthening does not last over boot.
use strengthen armor at <armor>


This skill adds 1-6 PV per slot to a piece of armor. Higher training will make higher PV more likely, but not guaranteed. The armor has to be on the ground to be targetted. Armor oil can be bought in alchemist shops for 120 gold (a can with 5 charges).

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