Strength (abbr. Str)— This ability determines the sheer physical power your character has. Strength affects how hard you hit with a weapon and how much you can carry.
HIGH STR = Looks like a bodybuilder, can lift huge weights overhead.
Example: Arnold Schwartzenegger.
LOW STR = Wimpy looking, has problems holding a sword upright.
Example: A rabbit.
NEGATVE STR EFFECT: Beings with low strength cannot lift very much, and will drop equipment if their Strength suddenly drops while wearing more than they can carry.

Strength Races
Unsurpassable Behemoth, Giant, Titan, Xodar
Excellent Dragon, Minotaur, Troll
High Devil, Ettin, Flynd, Gargoyle, Homarid, Pudding, Slaad, Thuul, Vipyr, Werewolf
Good Boelir, Centaur, Dragonian, Gorgon, Treant, Uruk, Vampire
Average Dhampir, Dwarf, Illex, Jinn, Muridan, Satyr, Tywimn
Moderate Anakim, Arcanus, Catfolk, Changeling, Human, Irrdu, Kizanki, Kuroa, Mummy, Selkie, Shadow, Tortle, Yaag-Nesh
Low Bloodworm, Elf, Goblin, Hephestian, Kanku, Unicorn, Vulpin
Bad Argus, Drensieqi, Gnome, Kreen, Leprechaun, Myconoid
Poor Arakun, Gremlin
Horrible Atomy, Papua, Suula
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