Spiritual magic is magic intrinsic to intelligent beings rather than formulae and arcane research. The most widespread sources of such magic are extradimensional beings such as demons and deities. As such, spiritual magic is often called religious magic. But mere mortals can create their own spiritual magic. Psionicists, abjurers and monks would be the prime examples of this.

Cultist: Cultists draw their magics from the demons of the retroverse.
Death -indeed, all evils- can be sources of power to demons, and in return for creating such evils to empower the demons, cultists are given magics. In a vicious circle, most of a cultist's magics can be used for the sole purpose of causing death.

Fallen: This group of individuals draws their power from their Dark Lord.
While it is certainly power granted to them by their God, no one is entirely sure how it works. The Fallen refers to it as "Soul Magic". Their Soul Blades are their sole source of spell-casting ability. Some even say the Blades themselves are part of the Dark Lord.

Templar: Templars work to further Sikkar's will.
Their magic focuses on judgement and inflicting punishments or rewards based on the outcome of that judgement. A Templar's spells usually are inflicted on those they feel need to be converted to the Light. Templars also have the divine ability to draw Out of Phase Gifted Ones back to their corporeal forms.

Paladin: Paladins also draw their power from Sikkar.
Unlike Templars, they do not judge - if a Paladin is called to action the judgement has already been made. A Paladin's powers revolve around destroying the forces of evil and darkness.

Jomsviking: Jomsviking magic is a raging force which is extremely difficult to control.
This is fine with the Jomsvikings, since they never try to control it in the first place. Jomsviking magic often focuses on destroying things - the Jomsvikings will tell you it's permanent, but it isn't. Few things in the Retroverse are ever so.

Psionicist: The powers of the mind are harnessed by the Psionicists.
This unique version of magic, unlike most other spellcasters, makes psionicists self-sufficient. They do not channel magic since they run off their own batteries'. Psionicists are common on Wysoom. Apparently, it has something to do with the huge abundance of life on the planet - making some mages suggest that psionic powers are tied to the relative amount of life force surrounding the Psionicist.

Monk: Monks are not great wielders of magic but what little they have is drawn from within themselves. Where a psionicist's power is sourced in his mind, a monk's power rests in his body.

Abjurer: Abjurers specialize in shielding themselves and others.
Abjurers based much of their magic on the Ward-magic of The Sorcerers. Mortals have studied the wards that hedge the RetroMUD Universe in and used it to create protective magics. They too, are often recruited to study the rips and tears in the Universe, but more often to bind them closed. Their power, not entirely unlike monks and psionicists, is based on the self, although it is drawn forth in an almost hermetic manner (using complex spells).


Religious magic is invoked with the "invoke" command.
Example: invoke <spell> at <target>

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