Spell Template

Spell Characteristics

Casting time:
Spell cost:
Affecting stats:
Resisting stats:
Spell Category:
Spell Level:
Spell Targetting: <Listed as "Target" in the helpfile>
Components: VSM
Material Components: <List any material components here. If there are none, please delete this line>

<List the healing for different race types here. If not a healing spell, remove this section>
Humanoid Healing:
Animal Healing:
Fish Healing:
Insect Healing:
Plant Healing:
Non-Flesh Healing:
Undead Healing:
Alignment Healing:

Spell Description

<Put the spell description from the help file here>


<Put any information not found in the help file here>

Remember to set the parent page (under the options tab in the lower-right) to Spells-all, and to set the skillpage's tags to "spell" and the guild name.

If the skill/spell already exists in the wiki, all you'll have to do is add the guild's name as a tag, and it'd be a good idea to check for typos and if the parent page is set.

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