WEATHER: It never snows on Sosel. Sosel's climate is similar to Earth's
equator year round. It is always very hot and humid.
Disease is common and food and paper spoils quickly if not protected.
Monsoons and flash floods are a constant danger.

CULTURE: Soselian culture is similar to Asian Earth cultures. Honor is
a very important concept to them, as well as the idea of 'face'. Armor
itself is light, as metal rusts easily and causes overheating quickly.
Clothing is colorful, as is much of Soselian culture. Architecture is
also based on keeping things cool rather than keeping things protected.
Mobility through foliage is the key to survival, the forest floor is so
rife with wildlife that it is often far too dangerous to live on the
ground, which is why many races build fortress amongst the huge trees
that dominate Sosel. Soselians also pride themselves on their style,
panache, and flair. The bigger, brighter, and more colorful, the better.

PEOPLE: Catfolk, Dragonians, Dragons, Arakun, and Vipyrs all are natives
of Sosel. It is a continuous, violent struggle for survival, with a
world that is so jammed with life, the weak die often as soon as they are

TRANSPORT: Sosel's transportation consists of living things: pods. Each
of these Infinity Pods can transport you to another world, but this
is not always the case and another breed of plant, a gigantic cousin
to the sundew, imitates Inifinity Pods, consuming unwitting prey who
enter them. Infinity Pods are sunlight dependent, only opening their
cavernous maws when the sun shines down upon them. There are
five in specific locations that transport you to other worlds.

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