We Three Bards

By Tarnal Mithdae

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We three bards from Nineveh are;
Weathering storm in this fair bar.
Sleet and snow, winds of woe.
Who left the door ajar?!

Oh cups of warmness, cups of fire,
Cups, these frozen bards, inspire,
Singing, shouting; sometimes pouting.
For more, our songs we shall hire.

Sikkar's world is home to the bold.
But why must it be so godsdamnded cold?
Wind is howling, stomachs growling.
Outside we'd meet ends untold.


Winter's a time to stay in your pad,
Though Raji doesn't have it so bad
People shivering, noses quivering.
Could you build up the fire a tad?


On this world, snow is a blight.
Gaia showing her frigid might.
Blocks up the roads, with bright white loads,
And they say that this is just light!


The path is turned to solid ice
But in here it's rather nice
Another Round! Another Round!
Downing it, once, twice, thrice.


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