Sikkar, the Harbinger of Light, is also known as the Child of the Sun. Supposedly born from the sun itself, Sikkar believes that he can free himself by drawing all beings into himself. Such beings must be purified, however, and to this end, he promises sweet and eternal rest to all Gifted Ones whose souls cannot escape the RetroMud Wards.


Paladins and Templars alike serve Sikkar, with Paladins serving as the force which fights the other Nameless Forces, and the Templars as the missionaries who bring the 'Light of Truth' to non-believers.

It is said that Sikkar's first followers were 29 in number, and each had his or her own charge. But a mighty siege befell them, and in the end none survived the vicious counterattack of the Perdowians upon their return to Welstar. Sikkar gathered up each of their souls, and infused it with his own divine essence so that they would fight on.

In this way, all Paladins with the same charge are brothers and sisters. They share a spiritual bond beyond mortal flesh. These saints answers their cries for help and intercedes on their behalf with Sikkar. The goal of every Paladin is not war, but to bring others into the Light of Sikkar, so that when enough shields are used by those pure of heart, the 29 will return for the final climactic battle that will break the Retroverse prison and free all spirits to go to their final judgment.

Primary Planet

Sikkar's stronghold is Welstar, where law and order rule.


Sikkar has attempted to sway immortals to his side in the past, often appealing to their sense of fair play. Several powerful Immortals have seemed to take sides in the Godswar, only to ultimately server their own side. Many Templars believe any Immortal taking sides with Sikkar or the Nameless One are ultimately plants who will undermine any efforts to free the Gods at the last moment. No one knows for sure, and the Immortals aren't telling.

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