Homeworld: Raji
Description: Sidhe are the reincarnated spirits of powerful Seelie who
force themselves back across the veil between life and death and inhabit
new, more powerful forms. Sidhe are radiant, glorious beings, appearing
like elves but with a noticeable aura of power.

Stat Potential
Str: horrible
Agi: poor
Dex: good
Con: poor
Int: unsurpassable
Wis: high
Per: good
Cha: bad
Siz: 7'2'
Weight: 39 kg
Metarace: Seelie

Maximum Age: immortal
Dietary Requirements: none
Number of limbs: two
Natural Armor: weak
Natural Weapons: moderate
Experience Rate: 50%
Skill Maximum: 90%
Hermetic Spell Maximum: 90%
Spiritual Spell Maximum: 90%
Heartbeat: average
Vision: light, dark, ultra light and ultra dark conditions
Hermetic Healing Spell Bonus: 5%

Slots: a brow, a head, two eyes, a neck, an amulet, a brooch, a cloak, an
upper torso, a lower torso, two shoulders, two upper arms, two lower arms,
two wrists, two hands, two fingers, a belt, two upper legs, two lower legs
and two feet.
Advantages: can't fall unconscious, does not need food, enhanced hearing,
escape death, poison immunity, see invisible and see magic.
Disadvantages: cannot sleep and half exp if evil.
COMPLETING A SPECIAL QUEST, affected by twilight, energized at night,
natural terrain: none and sapped in sunlight.
Resistances and Vulnerabilities: none.
Immune to: physical diseases
Disease Susceptibility: 100% to magical diseases

Damage Regeneration: good
Mana Regeneration: good
Endurance Regeneration: good
Emotes: seelie, self and
Commands: glamour and unvanish.
Poor Guild Matches: abjurer, alchemist, bard, biomancer, cultist, druid,
fallen, fighter, hand, jomsviking, mage, merchant, monk, necromancer,
paladin, psionicist, ranger, sentinel and templar.

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