The show command is used to show different data on your character. It has many arguments:
'show dues' - shows guild dues
'show credit' - shows guild credits
'show exp' - shows experience and reinc experience.
'show lag' - display current game speed
'show lqs' - shows level quests completed
'show next lq' - shows info on next available lq
'show skills' - shows skills.
'show hermetic'- shows hermetic spells.
'show spiritual' - shows spiritual spells.
'show stats' - shows stats, bonuses, potential.
'show summary' - shows your character's summary.
'show wishes' - shows what wishes your character has.
'show level lock <exit>' - shows time remaining on bypass. <exit> is optional.
'show last event' - shows start time of last event.

See also: score, condition, exp, inventory, eq, set, prompt

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