See Magic

Races who can detect magic perceive auras around intensely powerful magical items.

It seems that the more fancy the aura, the more powerful the item.

Examples of the auras you might see on items:

Aura Info Examples
->Aura<- Cursed Item
(Aura) No stats?, possible abilities golden monocle
-(Aura)- Random drop armor, very low stats spiked brooch
-<Aura>- Basic Armor, Guild items, low increase in stats short armbands
-<(Aura)>- Low Armor, minor increase in stats wool stockings
-<-(Aura)->- Medium Armor, decent stats null cap, ruby circlet, leather pads
-<*(Aura)*>- Great Armor, greatly increases in stats silk scarf, amulet of the sea, asa's tunic
-<-<*<Aura>*>->- Exceptional Armor, vast increases in stats wormsleeves, worm bracelets

(This list is most likely not complete, feel free to add to it)

Races that can see magic: Argus, Atomy, Changeling, Devil, Dragon, Elf, Goblin, Gremlin, Hephestian, Leprechaun, Mummy, Selkie, Shadow, Suula, Titan, Troll, and Uruk

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