Secondary Guild Locations
Secondary Planet Area Subarea notes
Antiquarian Welstar Keystone City N/A
Archer Sosel Outerworld N/A A on map
Asphyxiamancer Wysoom Watery Temple N/A "cave" exit 1W 2D 3SW of Jomsviking Guild (g)
Bandit Perdow Outerworld N/A
Barbarian Sosel Lao-Lung N/A L on map
Berserker Raji Sco'land A Green Field V on map
Bounty hunter Raji Nineveh Nineveh City Bh on map
Center chi master Raji Monkisle N/A
Chovihani Perdow Crowe Forest N/A
Cleric Welstar Abarack Temple of Sikkar Ch on map
Confessor Crypt Outerworld N/A "hole" exit 1N 3UP from North Gate Igneous
Corrosionist Wysoom Sauronan N/A CR on map
Cryomancer Raji Nimbus Mage Guild
Dakini Crypt Drow Caves N/A
Darkfey Raji Sh'ara N/A c on map
Death Knight Crypt Outerworld N/A "temple" exit 2SW 1S 2SE 1D from Ballach (k)
Deathmaster Crypt Outerworld N/A "ledge" exit, 1SW 1S 2U from Pyramid (^)
Demonist Sosel Drum-Filled Jungle N/A "hut" exit 4E 3N from entrance
Discordian Perdow Scarrowfell City N/A
Dragonslayer Wysoom Citadel of Justice N/A
Electromancer Raji Nineveh N/A E on map
Enochian Raji Suthnas Island N/A E on map
Entertainer Raji Nineveh Nineveh City Inside the drunken wench tavern
Fedayeen Raji Sh'ara Taroudant Hidden in a shack
Geomancer Crypt Igneous City N/A
Gladiator Wysoom Sauronan N/A AR on map
Hekau Welstar Pyramids N/A M on map
Herbalist Raji Sco'land Ferne-den A on map; Must go to Elemental Temple, kill the Lord and use 'search element' syntax in his room to collect chi, then return it within a timeframe (possibly 30 min)
Illusionist Raji Nineveh Nineveh City Inside the magic club
Kuznya Welstar Stonehelm N/A R on map
Lasher Welstar Stonehelm N/A R on map
Lifemaster Welstar Lifemaster Tower N/A l on map (map legend: Ivory Tower)
Merchant council Wysoom Merchant Guild N/A
Missionary Perdow Outerworld N/A y on map
Mwanga Sosel Drum-Filled Jungle N/A
Ninja Sosel Lao-Lung N/A L on map
Ordo incursus Raji Nimbus Amethyst Quarter H on map
Ordo praeses Raji Nimbus Amethyst Quarter H on map
Puppet master Crypt New Caverns N/A # on map
Pyromancer Sosel Fiery Halls N/A f on map
Raindancer Sosel Knotak Woods N/A Q on map
Shaman Sosel Outerworld N/A R on map
Sharpshooter Wysoom Higher Hills N/A (>) on map (Note: join room is a hidden exit)
Shih Sosel Outerworld N/A s on map
Slinger Raji Sco'land Kittlerumpit Farm From K on map, farm,n,tree
Squire Welstar Keystone City N/A on Sikkar's way, between Cyrn and Tybaltos streets
Swashbuckler Wysoom Sauronan Harbor N/A 1 on map
Tani-rahl Sosel Dragonhome N/A D on map
Telemancer Raji Nimbus Mage Guild
Thuggee Sosel Outerworld N/A h on map
Tohunga Wysoom Outerworld N/A M on map
Toximancer Crypt Borales City N/A
Vodounist Sosel Drum-Filled Jungle N/A
Witch Raji Sh'ara N/A w on the map
Yamabushi Crypt Utopia Submap N/A Y on the map
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