Command: score
The score command will show detailed information about your character, such as hit/spell/endurance points, money, bank, stats, exp, age, spouse, and much more. How everthing looks:

Character's Name
Your Level Experience on you Gold on you Gold in Bank Primal Energy
Listing of all guilds you belong to.

Strength Constitution Size
Agility Dexterity Perception
Intelligence Wisdom Charisma

Points: Hit [current/max] Spell [current/max] Endurance [current/max]
Your current luck level.
Percentage Explored.
RP points.
The leader of your race.
Your marital status.
Your weight. Your age.
Your alignment, hunger level, and wimpy level.
Your Last Killed By.
Your Best Party Kill.

See also: skills, spells, sc, eq, inventory, exp, show, primal energy, rpp, explore, alignment descriptions, luck descriptions, nscore, condition.

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