Schools Of Magic

Abjuration: protecting a being or object.
Air: using gases, wind, or clouds.
Alteration: altering the nature of a being.
Arcane: miscellaneous magic spells that don't fit into any other category.
Bewahrung: healing magicks of the damned.
Charm: forcing a being to do something.
Conjuration: summoning something from nothing.
Divination: gaining knowledge of a being or object.
Earth: using dirt, rocks, or the ground.
Enchantment: altering the nature of an object.
Fire: using heat, light, or energy.
Harm: harming a being or object.
Healing: healing a being.
Holy: offensive magicks of the heavens.
Invocation: creating an elemental force into being.
Nature: manipulating or controlling a planet's resources.
Necromantic: controlling and altering dead beings.
Physical: using force to influence the environment.
Psionic: mentally influencing the external environment.
Sonic: songs used to cast spells involving the voice
Teleportation: moving a being or object from one location to another.
Unction: healing magicks of the heavens.
Unholy: offensive magicks of the damned.
Water: using the ocean, moisture, or rain.

See also: schools of hermetic elementalism, schools of spiritual elementalism

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