Scarrowfell Mausoleum

This small private burial yard is dominated by the entrance to a grand tomb,
the door of which is slightly ajar. The area is walled in very securely, by a
mass of foot wide bricks. Spikes sit menacingly on the top of the walls. You
wonder why such security is needed to protect the dead. The thought that it
may be the other way around occurs to you, and sends a shiver down your spine.
A narrow concrete path, aged by the elements leads around the small yard.
Numerous other tombs are situated around the area, though they are somewhat
humble in comparison. Aside from the path, the earth is muddy and stark,
devoid of green plants or life.

The Scarrowfell Mausoleum (official name: graveyard) is a newbie area on perdow. Its level lock is 15. It contains a family of wights and some serpents. It was coded by Jobe.
Directions from ngate scarrowfell: 3 s, 5 e, 2 se, 2 ne, n (it is in the city).

The area is sizelocked, the limit seems to be between 95 and 101.




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