Sauronan Adventurer S Guild

The Sauronan's Adventurer's Guild is the hub for Abjurers, Fighters, Jomsvikings, Merchants, and Sentinels just getting their starts in the world, as well as their more advanced members, though as with all Adventurer's Guilds, they are more than happy to provide their services to any and all Gifted Ones.

The Newbie Pylon offers free teleportation for those Gifted Ones who've just barely begun their journey, and allows them to go freely move to the Adventurer's Guilds on Crypt, Perdow, Raji, Sosel, and Welstar

Similarly, the Guild Teleportation Room offers teleportation to the Guild Halls for the Fighter, Abjurer, Jomsviking, Merchant, and Sentinel Guilds. However, it should be noted that only those belonging to those Guilds may return to the Adventurer's Hall via the portals at those Guilds.

Also of note is the Sauronan Planetarium, which is contained inside the Hall.

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