Salia Vinjarek (Scarrowfell Mausoleum)

Salia Vinjarek the Wight [Blocking south][undead]

Salia Vinjarek was the long time wife of Lord Vinjarek, head of a prosperous
dynasty. It all came to an end when Salia and her husband were brutally
murdered by a bandit in the outlands. She is now animated as a ghastly wight,
guarding her sarcophogas against those who would dare to desecrate it.

Salia Vinjarek appears in Scarrowfell Mausoleum, on Perdow.

Salia Vinjarek is humanoid. She is a wight.
Alignment: <something>
Creature level: 5
Experience worth: 490?
Creature size: <x>

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