Runic Mending

Spell Characteristics

Casting time: 2 rounds
Spell cost: 120
Affecting stats: wis
Resisting stats:
Spell Category: healing
Spell Level: 9
Offensive: No
Spell Targetting: livingtarget
Location: Anywhere
Range: room
Components: VSM
Material Components: laguz (1 charge)

Humanoid Healing: 450
Animal Healing: 450
Fish Healing: 450
Insect Healing: 450
Plant Healing: 450
Non-Flesh Healing: 450
Undead Healing: 450
Alignment Healing: neutral

Spell Description

By calling upon the powers inherent in the Laguz Rune, a Runic Warrior can beesech the Odhin to mend a body whole again, so that it may continue to fight on for Glory.


Alignement healing should be removed when the guild goes live. And some of the SP cost converted to EPs

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