Jomsviking Runes
Rune Damage Type Associated Properties
Fehu fire energy, gold, and wealth; of new journies and of the circulation of energy, wealth, power and luck.
Uruz disintegration strength, vitality and organic transformation; of defense by might, and of overwhelming power.
Thurisaz fire will, resistance; the power of an opposing force; the way of pure action; the breaker of opposition.
Ansuz electrical mind, knowledge, and rune-working; of insperation and awareness, growth of wisdom; the bards rune.
Raidho electrical right order, reason, rationality, and progress; of ritual, the right way to proceed, the seeker of balance.
Kenaz fire creativity, shaping, artistry and skilled work; of illumination, self-knowledge; creation and growth.
Gebo electrical hospitality, sharing; of the gift and force of exchange; a self-sacrfice to ones fellows in times of need.
Wunjo disintegration harmony and joy; of well-being and social cohesion; holistic action towards the self, and gatherings of happiness.
Hagalaz cold crisis and storm, of sudden change and stress, the consendation of power, the seed of situational change.
Nauthiz fire need, drive, and power of advancement; of actions which drive one to great heights; preparation of trials.
Isa cold contraction and concentration; of stillness and silence; of stasis beyond sleep, the broad bridge of ice
Jera disintegration the good harvest; the guide of natures will and way; the road of results and rewards, fruit of the tended tree.
Ihwaz electrical personal discipline; Axis of enlightenment; the process of becoming, of traveling through the world tree.
Perthro cold synchronicity and change; of cause and effect; the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.
Elhaz electrical communication and perception of divine and mythic states; of the dangers inherent in any undertaking.
Sowlio electrical change, guidance, time of renewal, drastic changes, complete turnaround, advancement of plans, change of residence. Negative: Failure which leads to new opportunities.
Tiwaz electrical balance and faithfulness; of self-sacrifice; faithfulness to oneself and ancestors. The Rune of Victory.
Berkano disintegration release; of energies liberation. The Rune of life and rebirth; of becoming; of mysteries and enlightenment.
Ehwaz disintegration teamwork and partnership; of common paths and goals; of trust and strength in dedication.
Mannaz electrical awareness; of the pathway between mere mortal soul with the realm of the gods; of the potential contained within.
Laguz cold vital and protective growth, of acceptance to the challenges we are born into, of the wider context of becoming.
Ingwaz disintegration isolation and seperation; of gestation and hidden mystries; The Rune of storing energies, and growth at ones pace.
Dagaz fire great consciousness; of synthisis between opposite ideas; of deeper enlightment.
Othala disintegration freedom and well-being; of the ancestral homeland; of the sanctum where one can truly grow.
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