Races: ettin, oni, giant, arcanus, titan, boelir and irrdu
Level: 10
Activation time: 6
Offensive: Yes
EP Cost: 60
Range: Room
This power allows a Jotun to call upon his racial memory of the Runekeys.
As he grows in power, he unlocks more and more of the Runekeys of the Elder Titans. Always used to destroy, the Jotun traces the Runekey in the air before him. Wisdom and level are deciding factors in remembering the Runekeys, and each one is more difficult to recall than the next:

Gravity Crius physical
Moon Phoebe illusion
Memory Mnemosyne psionic
Fear Coeus unholy
Justice Themis holy
Sun Helios fire
Ocean Oceanus asphyxiation
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