Casting time: 15 rounds
Spell cost: 100
Spell level: 16
Spell category: conjuration
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: playertarget
Range: distant
Components: VS
Alignment: Must be Good.


This powerful spell can be used to bring a dead player back to life. A successful cast means the player regains up to half the experience that death cost. A fumbled spell, or many scars, can have terrible side effects. Help death. The Templar will gain some dues, based on their ability to bring Sikkar's message to the person ressed. In other words, the younger and more open to change a person is the better. However, there is some large variability due to Sikkar's ability to notice every such event.


The target must have accepted the resurrection by typing accept resurrection from castername or simply accept ress from castername in Sikkar’s temple in the Judgement Fields (or anywhere in the Fields if the target is level 19 or lower). See resurrection for details on the experience cost. This spell cannot be used in a teleport-protected room (e.g. inside a shelter, or in some guilds). The spell cost given is a minimum value; the real SP cost is usually higher because you also heal the target for about 50% of their HPs if alignment permits (though SP/EP will not be restored). Because the target will be naked upon spell completion, this should only be attempted in safe places.

The target will gain one scar and may lose stats or a level depending on the circumstances. The first of these problems may be fixed by invoking lesser miracle (or greater miracle, if there were already many scars) at the target after the resurrection.

The amount of dues gained by the caster lies between 25 and 1000(?) and is determined by the target’s level (the closer to the caster’s level, the better) and on-hand experience (the more, the better). Players level 17 and under are always worth only 50 dues, to prevent unscrupulous players from farming low-leveled player ress dues. Players worth very little experience or in negative experience may be worth as little as 25 dues.

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