This is an over-all informational help on your options after death. You have 3 basic options and all come with a cost to you in experience points.

You can pray. You can only use this command in one of the temples in the Judgement Fields (Newbies can pray anywhere).

You can accept a Resurrection or an evil resurrection. You can only accept these options in their respective temples in the Judgement Fields (Newbies can accept anywhere).

The amount of experience points you will lose depends greatly on your alignment and the choices you make. Below is a break down of the percentages and how they are applied. All percentages are based on the total experience points you need for your next level.

Option Alignment Experience loss
Pray any 25%
Evil Resurrection evil 12.5%
Evil Resurrection good 17.5%
Good Resurrection good 12.5%
Good Resurrection evil 17.5%

Note. There are some ressers that have taken the ress tert paths. The experience saved for those resurrections averages out to be about 2.5%, but keep in mind they are using skills and are subject to affecting stats and luck.

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