Description: Some expeditions are so demanding and some foes so dangerous that they require the attention of a highly trained specialist whose combat skills far exceed those of the typical fighter. Enter the ranger, a master tactician whose military instincts, fighting versatility, and steely nerves places him in the front rank of elite warriors. Though the ranger specializes in neutralizing monsters, his skills qualify him for a wide range of adventures. He may organize guerilla forces and lead them into hostile territories. He may stage reconnaissance operations to gather information concerning enemy strength and logistics. He may execute strikes against monster lairs, rescue hostages, or eliminate tribal leaders or spell casters. For a determined ranger, no job is too difficult, no enemy too formidable. Rangers boast extensive training in weapon use, scouting, warding, and outdoor survival. Some learn these skills in a regular standing military, others are trained by military orders. A few highly motivated individuals are self-taught. Rangers are in high demand by rules as army officers, as well as by private individuals who use them as bodyguards. Many hire themselves out as mercenaries or volunteer for causes that further their own ideas. As rangers thrive on action, most are eager to join adventuring parties.
Leader bonus: 5 Agi
Champion bonus: 5 Agi. The Ranger Lord can fire an extra arrow a round.

Level Skills Spells
1 attack, consider natural, bow, axe, archery
2 targetting, navigation, first aid
3 forestry, foraging, memorize
4 swim, ground survey, hear noises
5 packing, cooking, skinning
6 slash, desert survival, scouting
7 travelling, cleave, assist
8 fletching, call small animal, fire building
9 camping, remedy, snow survival, animal training, animal strike
10 taxidermy, double hit, hunting
11 conceal draw, hiking, tent pitching
12 axe grinding, tanning, ambidexterity
13 deadeye, call medium animal, befriend animal
14 crafting, meat stripping, tailoring, mountaineering, enhance targetting
15 leading, weapon parry, perfect timing
16 dodge, weatherize, stun
17 tumbling attack, pass without trace, cure poison
18 riposte, laniard making, marksmanship
19 enhance criticals, sniping, hack
20 blindfighting, combat riding, stalker, call large animal, hunter

Stat potential:
Str: little (2/7)
Agi: little (2/7)
Dex: little (2/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: none (0/7)
Wis: none (0/7)
Per: little (2/7)
Cha: none (0/7)

Point Potential:
HP: many (6/7) HPR: many (6/7)
SP: none (0/7) SPR: none (0/7)
EP: little (2/7) EPR: little (2/7)

Category Bonuses:
ranged combat skill category: average (3/7)
nature skill category: average (4/7)


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