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Raji is the equivalent of Jupiter with an earth-like gravity and
a breathable atmosphere. Raji is ravaged by constant air streams, lightning
storms, floating debris from space, and the dreaded 'Eye' of Raji, which
is filled with torrential hurricanes and deadly whirlwinds. The cities of
Raji necessarily are plotted along Raji's air stream to avoid this Eye
whenever possible. The air itself is breathable but tends to make those
unused to it a bit lightheaded. Clouds can wipe out the sunlight entirely
(with no bodies of water to reflect the sunlight, it becomes VERY dark),
and there are days of 'clear air' when there is nothing but the scorching


Raji is a fast, footloose culture where one enjoys today because
tomorrow they may be crashing into Raji's core. Nobody is entirely sure
what lies at Raji's core, but it becomes poisonous the deeper one goes,
making it fairly uninhabitable to most life. Since all things continually
fall without the assistance of magic, cultures without magic revolve around
the large asteroids that continually make their slow descent towards Raji's
core. Out of this kind of lifestyle arises a culture similar to the Arabian
folklore of Earth. Raji's cultures are extremely tolerant - there is no
room to be prejudiced when you all could be depending on each other for
survival the next day.


Kanku, Anakim, Suula, Atomys, and the Jinn use their flying
abilities to flit from city to city. The winged races often glide for
days before reaching any landing. Arcanus and Ettin also inhabit the
little remaining surface.


Malfunction in the old transportation equipment caused an huge
explosion which created a place called the Rift. Expeditions led by curious
locals have reported that the Rift holds some kind of magical portals into the
other worlds. Alchemists in Nineveh have managed to create an entrance into
the rift. The only other know exit is located somewhere in Raji outworld.

Major Areas

Raji consists of a number of floating "islands" along with an assortment of independent structures.


Floating Cities

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