There are three different types of quests, each has a specific purpose:

  1. Level Quests : These are quests you do to lower the cost of that adventuring level. (HELP LEVEL QUEST) EXAMPLE: You complete Level Quest 21, at level 21 it only costs you 1/2 the normal amount of exp for that level.
  2. Guild Quests : These are quests to are the types used to either join a specific guild, or to advance in a guild, there are several types of these. Some give dues for guilds, others allow you to join certain guilds. (HELP GUILD QUEST) EXAMPLE: You complete return the icon to the Paladin Guildmaster, which provides extra paladin dues.
  3. Area Quests : These are the quests to complete a particular task in an area. They vary in complexity and are not tied to a guild or level. EXAMPLE: You find the gem to allow you to pass through a special gate to proceed further into the area.

Visit your local pub or bar to get information about Level Quests only. Guild Quests and Area Quests must be figured out by adventuring and exploring.

NOTE: Players should NEVER give out the information on how to complete a quest. Quests are challenging and will mean more if they are figured out by the person doing the quest.

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