You stand at the edge of a vast stone quarry. Immediately in front of you
lies a broad ramp, which slowly winds its way down the side of the cliff-like
wall of the quarry. From your vantage point, you can make out the shapes of
many tents set up in a rough quarter-circle about halfway across the quarry.
Further into the corner of the quarry thus cut off, you seem to see a band of
pure light. The strip of light is all the more striking since at its core,
right in the corner of the quarry, is a pit of inky darkness. Even from here,
you can feel that something is not right about that area. As you watch a
moment longer, black lightning seems to flow around the already darkened area.


mobs are between 100-700ish xp, many good aligned humanoids and a few animals.
There doesn't seem to be any way to interact with the object in the southwest, but I don't speak with any authority on this so do whatever you can think of, you might be the one to figure it out.

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