Pyramid Spoilers

Nearing a Pyramid
You stand in a large cavern carved from the rock of this world by forces
natural or otherwise. A makeshift camp of tents surrounds a recently
unearthed pyramid, which rises from a large crack in the ground. A musty
smell permeates the air. Far above you, stalactites hang from the ceiling.

The Pyramid is an area on crypt. It is not level locked as such, but the Pyramid2 part has a minlock of 31. It contains archaeologists trying to unearth its secrets, grave robbers, and ancient guardians. It was coded by Torso.

Directions from ngate igneous: sw, 13w, 5sw, 2w, sw, w, 3sw, w, d, 4sw, s, 2se, u, 2se, u, 2s, 4se, 3e

All downstairs areas, and everything past halfway to Azar, have substantial per-tick damage that also procs on move. If you have anyone with less than 500 hp in your party, expect to pause halfway to a boss to heal.

All five bosses need to die for levelquest 24, and they stun like crazy. Without IW you can expect to be stunlocked for upwards of a dozen rounds at a few hundred damage per round. Azar is much tougher than the downstairs ones. The levelquest appears to trigger for the whole party.



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