Spell Characteristics

Type: Attack spell
Range Hit Skill: throwing
Damage Types: Acid 75%, Poison 25%
Maximum Damage: 550
Additional Effects: Yes
Casting time: 3 rounds
Spell cost: 100
HP cost: 50
Affecting stats:
Resisting stats:
Spell Category: harm
Spell Level: 11
Offensive: Yes
Spell Targetting: ranged
Location: Anywhere
Range: ranged
Components: VS
Material Components:

Spell Description

This spells allows the Dakini to transform his blood into a horrible globe of bright green goo which he then hurls at his target. Creatures struck by this are singed by its corrosive, poisonous touch. Creatures who succumb to its effects are melted into piles of goo, which will then damage any creatures who step into the vile puddles of putrescence.


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