Description: Psionicists are based on the Brahman and Vedic beliefs of old, master of the miracles which come about by their spiritual attunment within themselves and the universe. They do not cast magic like others do, as their magic is not channeled like a mage or given to them by a particular being, but comes from within. By focusing on the seven chakras, each representing a special power and a part of the body, the psionicist can marshal his inner strength to control his own body as well as inflict his will upon the minds of others. This is also the psionicist's greatest weakness, for mindless beings are their bane. The nature of their powers means it requires no chanting, no gesturing, and best of all, the link between the psionicist and his powers is strong — strong enough so that his concentration cannot be disrupted. The way of the psionicist is an austere and humble path, but it is a path that leaves its mark on the worlds nevertheless.
Leader bonus: 5 SPR
Champion bonus: 5 SPR. Receives a 1 round reduction in psionic category invoking times. (Seems broken to Melonpool. 12/22/11)

This guild uses Spiritual magic.
Hermetic Bulk: Minimal (1/4)
Spiritual Bulk: Somewhat (2/4)

Level Skills Spells Restrictions
1 attack
focus throat chakra
2 bludgeon
mana blessing
3 thin blade
consider humanoid
4 focus third eye chakra
5 spirit eye bilocation
ward of psionics
6 knock
7 sixth sense
astral projection
8 frighten
9 meditation project force
10 crystalmancy focus heart chakra
summon psisword
11 concentration resist pain
minor psionic resistance
12 psiscream
see aura
13 focus crown chakra
focus root chakra
14 incense burning suspended animation
telepathic probe
force shield
recall weapon
15 focusing death grip
channel energy
head armor restriction
16 mental translation focus belly chakra
phaze shift
17 psychic surgery telekinetic barrier
18 psychic storm
mind probe
cure mental illness
19 danger sense focus solar plexus chakra
psychic sight
20 hypnosis paralyze
psychic crush
intellect fortress
major psionic resistance

Stat potential:
Str: none (0/7)
Agi: little (2/7)
Dex: none (0/7)
Con: little (2/7)
Int: little (2/7)
Wis: little (2/7)
Per: little (2/7)
Cha: little (2/7)

Point Potential:
HP: small (3/7) HPR: little (2/7)
SP: small (3/7) SPR: small (3/7)
EP: small (3/7) EPR: small (3/7)

Category Bonuses:
Psionic Spiritual: small (3/7)
Religious Skill: tiny (1/7)

Race Matches:
Good: Arakun, Bloodworm, Dhampir, Dwarf, Human, Illex, Irrdu,
Kuroa, Mummy, Papua, Selkie, Treant, Tywimn and Yaag-nesh.
Average: Anakim,
Catfolk, Devil, Dragonian, Flynd, Gargoyle, Gorgon, Homarid, Kizanki,
Minotaur, Muridan, Shadow, Slaad, Titan, Uruk, Vipyr and Werewolf


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