Potée Lorraine (potaye)

preparation: 30min.
cooking: 1h50.

Ingredients for 4 people:

1 Pork shin, half-salt
2 Smoked sausage (preferably some Saucisse de Morteau or Montbéliard, but I doubt you find that outside france)
100g diced bacon
4 Carrots
4 Turnips
4 Leeks (small ones)
6 Potatoes
1 Small kale
1 Dried clove planted in an onion
Thyme, laurel, parsley
2 tablespoon oil
salt and pepper


In a dutch oven, put pork shin, onion and herbs. Boil, skim, let cook for 1h50.
Peel carrots and turnips, clean the leeks, tie them. Add them and sausage to the pot after 1 hour of cooking.
Whiten kale 2 minutes in salty, boiling water. Pell potatoes, cook them 20 minutes.

Serve potaye hot with potatoes, soak it with broth.

Enjoy. Mustard is a must. Serve with some Alsacian Pinot Noir (obviously), or Côtes de Toul.

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