Pleasure is a Valkyrie Fallen. The character was originally started in 2001.

Started Retro 1996 ..
I go and come back as life dictates.
alts: Tass, Hesiod

Last Updated 02/24/19*

For Sale

In midst of redoing how I store Kae loot so #'s and names might change in the near future.
If you let me know which box the stuff you want is in it makes it faster for me to find for you.

If you want Kae gear leave me message with what you want and I will get it for you asap.
Prices if not listed then ask

Thanks to Syndic fr the color tags Idea (will do again later)

helds - regen, stats, no attack
Weapons - WC or shields
Tank items - Str, con, resists, PV
Caster items - int, wis, spr
Misc items - anything else or mixed.

For stats check items at

Kaeslusk rooms

Weapon Rack 01 Teeth(0/7)

Weapon Rack 02 Teeth(5/7)

Weapon Rack 03 Tree(0/7)

Weapon Rack 04 Tree(7/7)
an uprooted oak tree X7

Chest 05 Misc(3/6)
dark purple shirt
horn-rimmed glasses
a mask of leather
a mask of leather
ninja slippers
Slippers of Shadows

Chest 01 Slippers(6/6)
ninja slippers x4
Enforced Leather Criniere labeled DICE
a dark green velvet dress labeled DICE

Chest 02 Feathers(5/6)
Loose Linen Caparison labeled DICE
a raven's feather X4

Chest 03 mantles(6/6)
Purple Robes labeled DICE
tattoo of an open hand labeled HUJA-DICE
a dark cowl labeled HUJA-DICE
a bright green tourmaline
satin pantaloons
a pair of clawed riding gloves labeled DICE

Chest 04 nooses(5/6)
Hangman's Noose x3
The Brooch of Mileffesbel labeled DICE -<-(Aura)->-
The amulet of Znaikneichila labeled DICE

Chest 05 nooses(6/6)
Hangman's Noose x6

Chest 06 nooses(6/6)
Hangman's Noose x2
Mud covered pants labeled DICE
Serpent Girdle

Chest 07 Masks(6/6)
a mask of leather x2
Slippers of Shadows

Chest 08 Slippers(6/6)
ninja slippers x6


Weapon Rack 1(7/7)
a massive gear x2
shield of divine faith
Jeweled Dagger labeled DICE
a Sappara labeled HUJA-DICE

Weapon Rack 2(2/7)
smoke labeled DICE
the Wormplate labeled DICE

Weapon Rack 3(1/7)
a black leather whip

Weapon Rack 4(0/7)

Weapon Rack 5(0/7)

Weapon Rack 6 (5/7)
a leather sling x4
a small pot with a plant

Weapon Rack 7(4/7)
##magenta|leather tome
a leather sling X3

Weapon Rack 8(4/7)
tall oak staff x2
a worn staff
crystal ball

Weapon Rack 9(5/7)
crystal ball X5


Chest 01(6/6)
Enforced Leather Croupiere labeled DICE
golden Monocle x2
Ebon Monocle x3

Chest 05(6/6)
opal pendant
death mask
dragon bone mask
robe of the ancients
painted wrap

Chest 06(5/6)
Small Chain Chanfron labeled DICE
a hefty bronze armband x2
Mud covered pants
death mask

Chest 08(6/6)
Iron Bottomed Hipposandals labeled DICE
Engraved Boots
wool stockings
wool stockings
holy chasuble
a gold garter belt labeled DICE

Chest 09(6/6)
tattered shawl x2
opal pendant
ninja slippers
Templar Chauces de Fer labeled DICE
Templar Heaume labeled DICE

Chest 10(5/6)
a gold-netted headdress labeled DICE
Serpent Girdle
A burgundy ruby*
chain leggings

Chest 12(6/6)
tattered shawl
crown of command
A suit of golden chainmail
Gogira helm
diamond tiara
dragon bone mask

Chest 13(5/6)
diamond tiara
golden sandals
breastplate of pucelage
Templar Heaume
winged sandals of the messenger
Mage Monocle labeled DICE

Chest 14(6/6)
copper ring x2 (threaded)
wooden staff labeled DICE
Magius Slippers labeled DICE

Box 01(0/4)

Box 02(2/4)
amulet of a dried tongue
engraved dastana

Box 03(2/4)
Shadow Claws
Player Law

Box 04(1/4)
Skull Helm

Box 05(4/4)
a pair of embroidered boots
a red leather belt
a long black robes X2

Box 06(4/4)
a long black robes X2
an armored greave
a gray sandal

Drop Box(1/4)
a gossamer robe

Drop Box 1(3/4)
amulet of virtue
engraved dastana
robes of virtue
Black Body Suit

Drop Box 2(4/4)
a pair of thin leather gloves
a pair of cloth slippers
a preserved brain(lvl 30 healer)
circlet of virtue

Drop Box Booty(4/4)
robes of virtue
circlet of virtue

keys (chest 1)

keys (box 1)

Want to Buy

(or tank for)
entropic repellent cord
Ring of Elemental Command
a hefty black iron armband
rigid leather belt
a spiked iron ring
ring of humors

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