Casting time: 5 rounds
Spell cost: 200
Spell level: 11
Spell category: teleportation
Affecting stats: wisdom
Offensive: No
Location: Anywhere
Target: needtarget
Range: distant
Components: VS
HnP cost: 4
Alignment: Must be Good.


This spell causes those truly devoted to Sikkar's will to ascend into the heavens on a sunbeam and be brought home to the a place holy to Sikkar. However, one must be true of heart to have such a blessing bestowed. Valid targets are abarack, keystone, nineveh, and it used to work on Sauronan. This spell has a great range.


This spell requires that the room is illuminated by sunlight. On Sosel, Welstar and Wysoom, it works if the sun is up (or if at least there is a glow on the horizon). It also works if a sunmote (created by the sunlight spell) is in the room. However, it works neither with sunlamps nor with light created by other means. The destinations are the churches in the target cities. Other targets are accepted but will result in an error message.

A way for Templars to get off of Sosel during the night is to find a druid mob (or player) that uses the sunlight spell, then to use pilgrimage.

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